• Teams listed first on the programme will play in white caps, teams listed second will play in blue.
  • All games will be played in the relevant short-course pool (25mx20m)
  • Game times will vary per age group:
    – U13 & U14 will be five (5) minutes stop/start time.
    – U15/U16 will be six (6) minutes stop/start time.
    – U19 games will be seven (7) minutes stop/start time.
  • U13 boys and all girls’ age groups will play with a regulation size four (4) ball.
  • U14, U15 and U19 boys will all play with a regulation size five (5) ball.
  • Should a game result in a tie, it will go straight to a penalty shootout.
  • Times in the programme will be followed.


  • All games consist of four (4) chukkas, with playing time varying per age group.
  • Game times will be run stop/start.
  • Possession time is always stop/start.
  • The exclusion timer will always be stop/start.
  • Games which end in a tie will go straight to penalty shootout, with no extra time played at all. (Refer to WP 11.3 in this regard).
  • All referees will be appointed by a WPSWP referee delegate, and shall be approved by the chairman of WPSWP.
  • Teams may have two goalkeepers should they wish, but the maximum number of players may be no more than 13 players.
  • Any player excluded for brutality will not be allowed back in, and will face a one (1) game suspension, and may face a disciplinary hearing.* The team will then play the equivalent of half of one (1) chukka a player down. The replacement will be called in with the use of a yellow flag shown by the table.
  • When in doubt, normal FINA rules apply to matches and behaviour of all participants with exception to:
  • One (1) delegate from each school playing is invited to sit at the officials’ table during their game.
  • A coach who has been red carded will face a one (1) game suspension, and may face a disciplinary hearing. (This will be the very next game, irrespective of age group.) Should a coach be given a red card for the use of foul language, directed at any tournament official, that coach will be suspended until a disciplinary hearing takes place.*
  • Brutality (a player capped off without replacement) shall be suspended for one (1) game.
  • Teams are allowed two (2) timeouts per game.

*The members of the technical committee present, at least one Exco member and the tournament convener will constitute the disciplinary committee.